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WARNING!!!!  To reduce bigger problems such as settling and sinking foundations plus  the risk of spending thousands of dollars with piering companies Roberts will provide you with infomation reguarding these issues while providing our services. Saving you money!!!

Take the dry basement quiz...And think about what's going on in your basement that might be damaging the foundation to your home or business.

  • Are there gutters on your house?
  • Do you have low spots along the side of your home?
  • Do you have basement window wells?
  • Do your basement walls get damp?
  • Do your basement walls have patches of mildew growing on them?
  • Do you have a floor drain?
  • Does your basement leak water up through the middle of the floor?

Act sooner than later - save money and frustration!

In this basement cutout below, water may enter your home from many different lcoations.

When water builds up around the exterior of your home, it begins to exert pressure below the floor and against the walls. This hydrostatic pressure will force water through cracks, joints and even through the face of porous concrete and concrete blocks.

If the process continues, over time the water will cause serious damage to the walls and floors of your home. In addition to structural damage, the moisture that enters your home can cause health problems by allowing the growth of mold.

Even if you do not have visible water in your home, condensation can occur due to the water being in the wall or below the floor. This condensation is just as damaging and potentially unhealthy as larger amounts of water. Leaving water problems unrepaired only leads to much larger structural repairs and very costly repair work.

Many studies have shown the health issues surrounding moisture problems in our basements and crawl spaces are becoming an epidemic in this country.

We specialize in drying wet basements and leaking cracks and can guarantee the results with a full warranty, so you can stop worrying every time it rains. A dry basement will protect your families' health as well as the investment you have in your home. In addition your basement becomes usuable living space or additional storage space.

Roberts Systems solves problems and provides a dry basement at all times. Finding a responsible and trustworthy contractor is challenging, but you'll find that Roberts Basement Systems adheres to the guidelines of respect, integrity, and responsiblity. Simply showing up on time for appointments, performing the work that we contract to do, and standing behind our warranty help demonstrate to homeowners that we will be tehre when you need us. Homeowners should expect this, and we as contractors need to earn your business.